Run #2, on my birthday!

Well, today was much less eventful getting to the run.  We left around 6:15am, and this time we knew exactly where to go.

We arrive at the mayor’s house around 6:50, and I went directly onto the street to ensure I had a spot.  Met up with two other American’s I met yesterday from San Francisco, and chatted with them for a bit.

Same drill as yesterday, we waited until about 7:45, then they cleared a path for the Mayor who walked the route.  Then they cleared out the people who weren’t right near the square.  I headed up to roughly the same area as yesterday, but just a bit closer to the arena so I could have some more time to run alongside the bulls.

I kept my video camera in my pocket until right before the first rocket signalled, and turned it on during my run.  The videos pretty shaky and chaotic, but I’ll be posting later anyway as soon as I get a decent internet connection.

I stood in the middle of the street, and watched all of the more skittish people pass by, knowing that the bulls weren’t yet close enough.  About 60 seconds after the first rocket, I figured they were getting close and started jogging a bit.  Very shortly thereafter, I heard the hooves pounding up the cobblestones again and sprinted flat out.

I ran for about 10 seconds in front of them, then as I could feel them getting close I stepped off to the right, just in the nick of time.  I turned to the side and actually felt one of the horns scrape across my back.  Just a graze really, didn’t even tear my shirt.  But it left a good mark on the shirt and let me know that I was close enough!

I made it into the arena again, and spent the 30 minutes watching people being stupid with the little bulls.  I was able to get right up to the entrance chute, squat down, and film the bulls jumping over my twice (will post the video later).  The guy right beside me got stomped pretty hard, 2 hooves right to the middle of his back.  I can very clearly remember the sound (hope it comes out on the video) and am glad it wasn’t me.

Going to go back to the hotel and have a little siesta.


Un mañana más día!  Looking forward to it.

4 Comments on “Run #2, on my birthday!”

  1. Chris Webb says:

    That’s incredible man! See ya when ya get back

  2. Phil Jarvis says:

    Horns scraping your shirt! Lucky it didn’t catch your shirt and pull you down! That’s too close, but you have a souvenir as well now!

  3. Matt Dixon says:

    That bull gave you the best birthday present ever…a reprieve!

  4. Caleb Rider says:

    Dude, you are crazy…… 😉

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