More info about the route

The major points of interest on the route are numbered above:

1.  This is the pen where it starts.  It’s all uphill here, and walking it this morning made it pretty clear that this is a bad place to run.

2.  Cuesta de Santa Domingo – just a bunch of shops along both sides.  There are plenty of areas to bail out here, under fences or into shop doorways.

3.  Plaza del Ayuntamiento – A big open plaza area.  It’s lined on both sides with a wooden fence.

4.  Curva de Mercaderes hacia Estafeta – “Dead Man’s Corner” – This is where you see a lot of the news coverage.  It is a 90 degree turn to the right, very slippery.  If you end up on the left hand side of this curve, it’s going to be a very bad day for you.

5.   Calle Estafeta – This is where I plan to start.  It is a bit uphill, and there aren’t a lot of spaces to hide.  But with the sharp corner just before, I’m hoping it will slow down the bulls just enough where I can have enough gas in me to make it to the end.

6.  Curva de Telefónica – Another curve, but much less sharp and dangerous.  It is at the top of a hill, and the rest of the run is downhill into the arena.

7.  The entrance to the arena

8.  The arena itself




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