Lack of updates….

Sorry everyone for the lack of updates.  I’ve had a terrible time getting access to the internet.

We’ve been in Barcelona since 7/4 and it has been a blast.  Everything here is great (except for the exchange rate – best we found was 0.68 euros per dollar – ouch).

We’re leaving on an 8am train tomorrow morning to Pamplona.  I had my itinerary off by a day, we’ll actually be arriving at pamplona tomorrow (7/8) around noon.  We’ll spend the day settling in, probably walk the route where the bulls run, then on saturday morning (7/9) at 8am local time (2 am Ohio time), it’s GAME ON!!   I can hardly wait.

I’m hoping I can catch some wifi in the train station tomorrow, will try to post some more updates and pics then.

A few posts from the news today:

The Telegraph (UK)

Washington Post

Globe and Mail


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  1. Bill says:

    I’ll be waiting for news! Sorry I had to miss your send off!

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